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    NB Kitsap-Bangor, WA Local Information

    NB Kitsap-Bangor is located on the Kitsap Peninsula in Kitsap County, WA. The town of Bangor, WA, is adjacent to base and has a population of about 6,000 people. Other nearby communities are Silverdale (19,200), Poulsbo (9,200), Bremerton (39,250), and Chico (2,260).

    Local Rental Prices: The average price to rent a house in the Silverdale area ranges from $750 to $1,025 per month, with a median of about $850. The average cost in Bremerton is about $640 per month.

    Local Housing Prices: The average cost to purchase a home in Kitsap County is about $284,700, compared to $283,000 for Washington.

    Short Description of the Area: The Kitsap Peninsula extends from northwestern Washington into the Puget Sound, flanked by the Olympic Peninsula on its west side and Bainbridge Island to the east. NB Kitsap-Bremerton is located 14 miles south of Bangor in Bremerton, WA, which is Kitsap County's largest city. NUWC Keyport Division is just next door in Keyport, WA, about 10 minutes from Bangor.

    Climate and Weather: The climate around NB Kitsap-Bangor generally consists of warm and dry summers with wet, cool winters. The average temperature in August is in the high 60s, with highs reaching 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit. During December, the average temperature is about 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Average annual precipitation is about 48 inches and more rainy days in the winter and early spring months. Bangor does not see very much snow- only about 4 inches annually, if any falls at all. Though there is a higher risk of earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest, this area has a lower risk than the rest of Washington and has not seen many recent quakes.