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    NB Kitsap-Bangor, WA - Hospital

    In a medical emergency, call 911.

    The nearest major hospital offering emergency room services is the Naval Hospital at Bremerton. The hospital near Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor offers inpatient services as well as an intensive care unit and surgical facilities. For day-to-day health care, call the Naval Base Kitsap Bangor which has a Branch Clinic on site for those military personnel enrolled in TRICARE.

    The medical clinic offers daily appointments and can be reached at 360-315-4347. The dental clinic is also part of the Branch Clinic at Naval Base Kitsap-Bangor.

    Submarine Base Bangor has a Branch Medical Clinic on the base. The Naval Hospital in Bremerton is the main military medical facility in the area. Madigan Army Medical Center is the largest military medical treatment facility and is 45 miles from Bangor in Tacoma, Washington. Naval Dental Center Bremerton has a Branch Dental Clinic located on the Submarine Base. Harrison Memorial Hospital in Bremerton is the local civilian hospital.

    General Information

    The Medical Clinic is open 0700-1530 Tuesday,Wednesday, and Friday.

    On Mondays and Thursdays, the clinic is open from 0700-2000.

    On the first Saturday of the month, the clinic is open from 0800-1200.

    After hours on weekdays, and on weekends and holidays, a duty section is available to provide emergency ambulance response only. There are no Medical Officer services after hours. Patients reporting to the clinic after hours will be directed to Naval Hospital Bremerton, or transported by ambulance as dictated by their medical condition.